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Pass info internships France/Abroad


Preparing the internship : 4 obligatory steps for finding an internship

  • Making my personal profile : the studies I have made , my achievements, my knowledge, my assets, my points to strengthen, my personality, my projects
  • Defining the objectives of my internship, they are personal, pedagogical, and professional.
  • Getting information on the professional world: employment market trends, profiles that are looked for, types of structure.
  • Making the move: prospecting and targeting companies or organizations, optimizing my communication means (CV, letter), organizing my research in time, following up my applications, preparing the analysis of my internship

Do you have any questions about this?

Come and meet the Head of Development, available by appointment, for a private interview on your internship

The service of Development regularly receives internship offers.

Hence, you can look into this during your appointment

The internship convention is a contract document which describes precisely what the internship involves. It also includes your rights to social security protection, which you benefit from as a student, and means you are covered in case of an accident at work or an illness.

It must thus be filled in very precisely and signed by all the parties involved (you, the organization/company, and your head of internships) before it starts.

You will receive 3 copies when the internship has been studied and approved, with the necessary documents (insurance policy, internship insurance risk policy, European health insurance card obtained from the CPAM.)


Some important rules and documents to produce with your file...

The duration of your internship for the whole academic year, must be 6 months maximum i.e.: 26 weeks or 130 days or 910 hours. Moreover, the end of the internship must stop at the end of the academic year: the 30th of September.

You must absolutely subscribe a civil responsibility insurance for the duration of the internship, in case of an accident that you would have caused.

  • Concerning students doing their internship abroad hand in your insurance documents when requesting the internship: Insurance of civil responsibility, repatriation insurance, and risk insurance, a guarantor and your European health coverage insurance /Social Security (make request at the CPAM) for students in the European Union or working in the EEE (European Economic Environment).
  • For students doing an internship abroad but Outside the E.U. it is your responsibility to get information from your CPAM to make sure that the country you are going to has indeed signed the convention of Social Security with France.

Important: Once all the requirements have been met for the internship convention, and if and only if all the documents are in order, your request will be granted.

Since the 1st of July 2009, any internship organized in an administration and a public State establishment, that does not present a commercial or industrial feature, which lasts for more than 2 consecutive months, must be paid hourly at 12, 5% of the social security ceiling (i.e.:€417,09 per month in 2010 for a full time internship– 151h67).

This does not involve territorial administrations or hospitals

You can go abroad to do your internship. The latter cannot be validated (ECTS) only if it is obligatory as part of your studies.

The laws that cover welfare are somewhat different and quite some time is necessary to prepare ( health insurance, illness, risk of accident at work, etc.).

You must provide the necessary papers involved, in order to establish your internship convention.

Any change made to the internship convention must be signed by an amendment (temporary leave or permanent leave, prolongation, change of premises or working time…).

Any amendment will be handed into the Development Service to be edited within 48 hours and be printed out in 3 copies and signed by all the parties involved.