ILERI et le monde prend une autre dimension




Students must write up dissertations during their studies. The subject matter must be approved by School Management and by the Director of Research.

The research dissertation must show that the applicant possesses the necessary know-how to carry out research and to write efficiently and present the results of the work.

The dissertation must correspond to the rules as laid out in the ‘Guide of How to Present a Dissertation’.

The subject matter must be approved by the Director of Research. The student is requested to regularly submit his/her work to the director.(at least 3 meetings and intermediary reports).


The latter must be formally assisted by the student, who will have prepared beforehand and will be questioned here, on his/her work.
Management alone, decide who will be accepted for the assisting or not.

This jury is in charge of the assesment of the work and the research involved. It decides on the points given. The latter cannot be contested.

It can :

  • accept the dissertation and give the points during the assisting
  • give it back to the student who can thus present it a second time, after having corrected it, at the latest before 15 September of the current year
  • refuse the dissertation

All ILERI students’ research work is submitted to the above, known as Urkund. Only 10% of direct quotations are allowed, when used in absolute relevance.

ILERI dissertations around the world

« China: a multi-ethnic nation » – The political assimilation of central Chinese government in the autonomous region of Tibet
Justine BEDU


La « carrière » – Exercer le métier de diplomate dans un monde en mutation


Political manipulation of the material cultural patrimony in the case of  Bosnia-Herzegovina from 1992 to 1995

The opening of ‘Quai d’Orsay’ to multiple diplomacies
Guillaume CAPELLE

The stakes of setting up a legal status for an ecological refugee

The role of the department of peace maintenance operations in the building& consolidation of peace
Daniel DJADI

The impact of the financial crisis on international relationships
Laetitia LAIGROZ

The new challenges in the fight against drugs: the case of cocaine in Bolivia
Nathanaël MOLLE