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Training tax


Contribute to the performance of the Institute of Economy and International Business by sending on your training tax !

We propose you prepare and accompany the bulk of future executives and colleagues. By so doing, you support the development of teaching and research, of company/student relationships, of the development of pedagogical means (double degree, library, multi-media, IT…)

The training tax is an obligation whereby the spenders are free to choose where they spend. It is an essential resource for the ILECI helping us to improve permanently and to better our strategy of future development.


Why choose us to pay your training tax to? Advantages :

You have students at hand all year long Internships

  • In Bachelor 2, Master 1 and Master 2 (April to October)
  • Missions in the company Working (expertise)


An excellent quality training for the students

  • Trained in law, economy, political science, company management, international affairs…
  • Trained by top experts Advanced levels in rare languages : Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese…
  • Specialists in geographical regions

Entrust your training tax to ILECI

You will contribute to : Helping us to :
Financing ILECI  projects
  • Adapt l training courses according to the changes in careers
  • Select the most qualified trainers
  • Re-enforce the pedagogical structuree
Improving the quality of the training courses in relation to the business world
  • Creating efficient pedagogical and professional tools
  • Re-enforcing action taken to lead our students towards the best professional fields.
  • Developing international mobility
  • Giving our students the best of internshipss
Investing in the Future
  • Training your future colleagues

How to pay the training tax to the ILECI?

The ILECI is legally in a position to accept this tax in category C and by build up in category B.

With the AIDA – Collecting Organisation :

  • Make your declaration on line at / Rubrique « Nos services » / « calculs » ;
  • Simplify your declaration