ILERI et le monde prend une autre dimension




An apprenticeship is associating the academic theoretic learning with practical work in a company. This is a win-win partnership approach for the student and the company.

You must be between 16 to 25 years old at the beginning of the internship and be medically fit to do the job.

Finding a company :

  • Make your application personally or by email in companies that you know or that look appealing
  • Enquire at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Contact professional Trade Unions of the job sought
  • Go to Pole-Emploi
  • Look up internet sites per region


The apprentice pays no salary taxes and is paid 53% of the BMS, about 712, 21 € monthly gross salary during 12 months.

If the company employs more than 10 people, it pays none or very little employers’ tax. Moreover, the company receives state help of about 2 300 € and benefits from a tax credit of 1 600 € per apprentice.

The company has no Master fees to pay.

The MASTER per apprentice receives from the CFA, their collections of training payments taxes made by companies along-with a subsidy from the regional council.

These resources make up the essential financing for the MASTER in apprenticeship.


The advantages of being an apprentice

  • It is a yearly sandwich course, partly at ILERI and partly at the company where the apprentice will head one or several specific missions
  • No school fees
  • When you sign an apprentice contract of 12 months with a company, you receive a salary corresponding to 53% of the BMS (Basic Minimum Salary) ( this salary is exempt of employers’ tax on employment, the CSG and free of PAYE tax)
  • Employee status including 5 paid weeks’ vacation, social security and retirement benefit along-with the possibility of enrolling at Pole-Emploi for financial compensation, if job hunting at the end of the apprenticeship
  • An academic tutor at the ILERI and a head trainer in the company


The student :

  • Can benefit from a paying work contract that lasts for 12 months.  The pay is established on 53% of the BMS (Basic Minimum Salary) i.e.  712,21 € (July 2010) the state paying for the employer’s tax  (thus gross salary  =  net salary for the apprentice)
  • Is an employee of the company, entitled to all employee rights (social security, holiday pay, retirement time etc.) and has the same obligations to fulfill, just like any other employee
  • Must sit the Ileri MASTER degree and the  Master of UPMF Grenoble II, identical to the “classic” training course
  • Acquires a professional experience in the company while working all year long there, (a special time facility course is organized to best suit the requirements  of students who are working and studying at the same time)
  • Can put this year forward as a genuine professional experience and add it to the CV
  • Is in an ideal position to be employed by the company, if the experience proves satisfying and doesn’t need to do a trial period.

The company :

  • Will choose by file or during an appointment (Bac+4 students )
  • Is involved with the apprentice for a year to maximize his/her chances of profession success. It is an opportunity to integrate a new colleague into the company (into a team, or on a project etc.):
  1. Progressively during one year (apprenticeship time and shared time),
  2. Efficiently (1 year is a lot more than a 4 month’ training course!)
  3. Less risk: the growing knowledge inside the company makes the apprentice 100% efficient at the start of the last period to a full time job in the company (from April on).
  • Benefits from financial advantages through compensation (about 2300 €) and a large reduction (or exempt from tax for a company of more than 10 employees) of employers’ tax on employees and a plus of 1.600 € in tax credit or a particularly attractive and competitive package
  • Has the possibility of permanently employing the apprentice after one years’ training and who already knows how the company works.