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M1 in International Relations


The M1 is prepared after the Bachelor or an equivalent. It concerns students from the following fields: law, economy, political science, management, history, geography and prepares students for the acquisition of a solid base in economic politics and diplomacy.


Panorama 45_loupeCourses in Paris  concentrate on the October to December term (240 hours face to face training, including the study of 3 foreign languages)

A satisfying level in English is required (score minimum of 750 on the Toeic or level  B2 on the European Scale of Language Reference)

An end of the year dissertation :  giving the student the possibility of testing his/her capacities in writing and reporting with the aim of preparing for an internship and Master 2

A professional internship of 8 weeks minimum in M1,a significant and operational experience finishing with the writing up of the internship report

Validation :  after this  students can directly access Masters 2 at the ILERI  and its partner institutions, including those abroad

After validating their credits, students  will be in a position to obtain the « Higher Certificate of Engineering in International Business »  from the ILECI (Private  establishment of higher technical studies, recognized by the State)