ILERI et le monde prend une autre dimension


MSc RI and Humanitarian Action


Today, humanitarian crisis are defined by their own complexity; major crisis add to chronicle crisis. Being a Humanitarian currently includes many complex areas.

The objective of the Masters is about specializing students in positions of international relations that are orientated to the understanding of the contemporary international stakes in problem areas of humanitarian action, human rights and the relationships that are established with NGOs.


This training course means being immediately operational in many missions in the world of international solidarity:

  • Participating in missions of observation and inspection in the humanitarian domain
  • Lobbying with working groups and institutions
  • Organizing, co-coordinating and managing humanitarian projects,
  • Taking on the responsibility of a geographical area
  • Heading the program or the mission for urgent NGO operations
  • Occupying positions as a consulate or an expert in problem areas of food-supplies insecurity
  • Managing the water, energy, equipment and logistics
  • Being the initiator of local development
  • Managing teams of expatriates or populations of refugees or displaced people


This program is directly open to ILERI M1students and also to master students from various studies (political science, law, communication, sociology, anthropology, economy, management, exterior business, history, geography, languages, journalism, architecture…).
Intensive level brush-ups are organized over 3 days in international relations, international law and international economy. Depending on the entrance profile, these may be obligatory in order to ensure the success of the student during the training.