18 points for excellence | ILERI


18 points for excellence

Becoming a student at ILERI means acquiring the skills necessary for operating in international environments.

Since 1948, ILERI has been training students in the functioning of international organisations, NGOs, international businesses, European institutions, French public office, diplomacy, regional and local authorities, think tanks, journalism, lobbying companies, country risk consultancy practices and international recruitment agencies.

This complete, balanced course provides students with a sound and lasting education.


A unique school

Entry selection: ILERI is a school on a human scale, consisting of brilliant, intellectually curious, passionate and committed students, supervised by an allocated tutor for each year.

A demanding and full programme: international law, political sciences, geopolitics, international economics, three foreign languages. Courses taught in French and in English.

Teaching staff: consisting of recognised academics and professionals, dedicated staff and associated with ILERI.

Lateral projects of general application and culture: development of critical thinking, with the emphasis on research and a culture of debate, through group projects.

An extremely rich and active associative life with over ten associations: defence, humanitarian, climate, debating, UN simulation, UNICEF, Trust Africa, BDE, Asia, etc.

General culture: optional themed seminars, cartography workshop, cultural visits.

Lectures: weekly, open to the public, with international relations specialists, and made available on line.

Masters 2, placement mode: apprenticeship or professional training contracts or alternating placement.

State recognised establishment: CROUS grants and ILERI scholarships.

Placements in France and abroad: a preparation for employment throughout the academic course with monitoring by an adviser, and support from the placements department.

Erasmus charter: nearly 30 prestigious international exchanges selected in the field of international relations.

A network of 9000 alumni: regular testimonies, access to a dedicated platform, directory, placements, employment opportunities.

Resource centre: over 1600 publications, specialist journals, access to the CAIRN documentary database in the masters degree and support from dedicated librarians.

A history and values: affirmed and communicated across the generations by ILERI students.

Three compulsory foreign languages: from a choice of 11 languages taught, and e-learning platform.

Prestigious partnerships: MAE, DRM, DGSI, CESA, CESM…

Masters degrees: international security and defence, economic intelligence or RNCP level 1 certificate: overseas territories international co-operation.

Employability: 50% within six months, 80% within one year, with an average annual initial salary of €32k.