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Receiving Foreign Students


Considering cultural diversity as a considerable asset, it is an integral part of the culture of our Institution. Any student wishing to work in the domain of international relations must experience this. ILERI has always thought that hosting foreign students was of the highest importance.

Thus, ILERI has a reception structure for foreign students so as to make their integration easy and quick.

Non French speaking students have a particular status. They must take French classes (French as a foreign language) if their level in French is not up to standard.

The human sized structure of ILERI means that we can take proper care of foreign students; our long experience and success in this field is the very proof of this.

France and Paris propose, moreover, a framework suitable to foreign students so that they can be fully at ease. ILERI  helps them to benefit from its contacts et partenariats to find a suitable apartment

Important : The inscription procedure for the entrance exam  is just the same as for French students it takes place on the ILERI premises in Paris.

Staying in Paris


We know only too well how difficult it is to get accommodation in Paris so we suggest that our students, who have enrolled at Ileri, take advantage of the many solutions we have for furnished student flats ; this is thanks to 3 partnerships we have set up to suit everyone.

This agency manages more than 1200 packs in Paris and the close environs. They can help you find the ideal place you want. With your student papers you can benefit from:

  • A living place close to the ILERI
  • Sharing a flat
  • Available help,
  • No 200 to spend on examining the conditions of the flat before entering
  • 10%  less on the fees of renting

Site du Groupe BSI OGIPA

2  houses of residences close by
75 rue du Château des Rentiers à Paris 13th quarter… Studios (bed-sits), and 2 bed-roomed flats to share from 18to 54 m², from 545€ monthly including expenses and VAT.

5 Avenue Rigaux, at Bourget, beside the RER Band just 10 minutes  from the heart of Paris, the Campuséa has furnished flats from 18 m  to 33 m   for a monthly rent from 470€ (electricity not included) .

Some appartements have a lovely view of Paris.

Site of Campuséa

For a fully furnished apartment, the agency called usually works with foreign students and can help you find your dream place among 4.000 furnished flats in the city.

contact us for more information or

Site de new York Habitat Paris

Other possibilities

The Estudines dispose of a large range of student lodgings, both in and close to Paris, one of which is in Clichy la Garenne (25 minutes from the Ileri) and another at Levallois Perret (10 minutes from the ILERI)

Only 25 minutes from the school, there are many other student lodgings in Clichy la Garenne.

Housing Help

Contact the CAF (Caisse d’Allocation Familiale) when requesting financial assistance for lodgings.

The ILERIENS have set up a group of co-student helpers on Facebook to facilitate lodger hunters.

Practical questions

The premises are in the heart of Paris, only 15 minutes from Etoile, with various facilities to help students study in the best possible conditions (library, computer rooms…).

The ILERI, for a number of years, benefits from a special partnership with BNP PARIBAS.

This partner helps students to take advantage of interesting and low cost student loans, buying computers, zero rate loans, loans of 1.000€ with no interest rate, (0% ), opening bank accounts, etc.

ILERI students can benefit from special offers for renting an apartment and/or financing their studies (more information from the communication service).

Students can have lunch in any of the Parisian university restaurants. The closest café is at 108 boulevard Malesherbes – 75017 PARIS (in front of the M° exit: Malesherbes).

ILERI students benefit from student social security and associated advantages (CROUS, University Restaurants, private student insurance, civil responsibility insurance, work.

When enrolling at ILERI, you also benefit from the ILECI institution (established by Mr. Raymond BARRE in 1988) which is recognized by the state and in a position to receive grant students. As of the second year (B2) at ILERI until the fourth year (M1) of ILERI, you are also enrolled at the ILECI which gives in depth training and teaching in economy and international affairs.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the different steps in obtaining a grant. The request for a grant is made with the name of the I LECI establishment, where you are enrolled and which will open onto these possibilities and general conditions for obtaining a grant.