Internships | ILERI




Internships at ILERI are carried out by preference of geography, of language, of interest in the career and are part of the steps that are exceptional and essential for building one’s experience.

40 weeks of experience to acquire an excellent knowledge of the professional world, understand the stakes of international activity and develop a sense of responsibility and decisiveness for action taking.

These take place in both cycles and are an integrant part of the ILERI syllabus. Students can gain from an opening to an active working life and prepare them directly for international careers.

Internships duration

ILERI students are required to do a minimum of four internships during their five years of study:

  • 4 weeks minimum in Bachelor 1 (discovering the world of work) with a report
  • 6 weeks minimum in Bachelor 2 (‘carrying-out’) finishing with a report
  • 6 weeks minimum in Bachelor 3 (‘deepening’)  finishing with a report and assisting in English, except if the student has chosen another  research option for the dissertation
  • 8 weeks minimum in Master 1 followed by a dissertation and assistance or research dissertation
  • 16 weeks minimum in Master 2 (long term Master internship )with the possibility of enrolling in a professional or research sideline

In Master 2, the students benefit from a personalized framework with a tutor: activities evaluation, writing a dissertation, step by step reports, assisting dissertations in front of a jury; all of this means that the student is ‘coached’.

Each internship includes writing up a report and a dissertation with assisting.

An office of internships is available to help students and advise them on their professional plan.

The internships are essential elements in the training of the student. At the end of the studies at ILERI, the students can show at least 10 months professional experience, which is a considerable asset.