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There are two types of schools: those which prepare for careers and those which shape destinies. ILERI is a place which does not only pave the way for exceptional professions, it is above all a place where young people change the course of their lives: at ILERI they choose to become committed world citizens.

ILERI is a place where, since 1948, humanist values have thrived, and thanks to this, the institute gives its graduates the most precious resource: a high commitment to the respect for others and a strong desire to frequent them, to unite with them, to understand their culture, to build the future with them, to organize the world, to generate riches, to eradicate hatred, fighting and war. ILERI therefore has a duty to have the best academic level in order to equip those who will leave with the most reliable knowledge in order to play an important role in international institutions, in companies, in NGOs, throughout the world. Its prestigious faculty is the irrefutable guarantee of the quality of ILERI’s academic programme.

Very quickly, ILERI students discover a specificity of this institute, one never leaves it. One carries it within oneself forever.

CB et HBC Claire BOURGEOISDirector
Henry BUZY-CAZAUX – General administrator

The world school

“ILERI, is the world school”.
Understanding international relations, which are characterised by such rapid change, has become essential for any citizen, as an integral part of their professional success and personal fulfilment. By communicating precious knowledge to their students, and the key to enabling them to continue learning throughout their lives, the teachers of ILERI offer them the best possible kind of passport to the future.
Students of ILERI are committed, receptive to others, to their culture, and to their languages. They are free spirits, intellectually curious, ready to accept any challenge and adapting to any situation. I am very honoured to be able to assist them in this. They can all of them count upon my support and my commitment.

Jean-Dominique GIULIANIPresident of ILERI and of the Robert Schuman Foundation