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Our Commitments


Founded in 1948, the ILERI is an institution of reference in its domain, organizing a plural disciplinary training in law, in political science, in international relations, in geopolitics, in international economy and languages. This overall well balanced syllabus makes our students top professionals with a solid sustainable training.

Being a student at ILERI means acquiring the necessary knowledge to evolve in an international field of activity.

An Exceptional Network of Teachers

Highly qualified professors, professional know-how, passionate about their work, they give you their best and contribute to your success. They are professors and involved in research, experts, coaches…

A Full and Demanding Program

Teaching is organized on the study of political questions, international economics and law, in a concrete and current fashion to enable the understanding of global stakes. Some classes are taught in English from year one

A Place of Public Debates

Well-known personalities are invited regularly to give conferences held at ILERI. During these conferences, students are encouraged to participate. Ileri’s guest speakers include some of the most prominent  actors in the field of international relations. ILERI remains neutral in its political and religious stance and encourages an open-minded approach which respects everyone’s opinion.

Work/study contracts

Students who have enrolled in Master 2 can benefit from work/study contracts, organized through a trainee contract or professional contract, or even in a partnership-school contract. The timing of the classes (two days per week and four intensive weeks per year) is established so as to enable the student to occupy a  position  of responsibility in a company or organization.

A School on a Human Scale

Classes of around sixty students ensure that students feel a sense of belonging to ILERI. An informal student-support structure exists in the institute. A large part of this is done through debates and discussions in class, thus enabling students to gain confidence in themselves in public speaking and also how to acquire structure when forwarding one’s opinion openly. Class attendance is compulsory.






Access to Top Internships

It’s about living a hands-on experience whilst developing your own potential and learning how to adapt to various professional and personal situations; it’s also about working abroad. Last but not least, it’s about defining your professional future projects. Compulsory internships are part of the bachelors and masters programme.

International exchange