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Foreign Languages

At ILERI, the teaching of languages has a very important place. As a guarantee of mobility and increased international integration, the regular practice of languages is thus emphasised.


Language training seeks to enable students at different levels, and according to the languages chosen, to acquire sufficient levels of proficiency for them to be able to take an active and effective part in a conversation and debate, to be able to read and understand authentic documents (paper, specialist journals), and to be able to draft documents at university or professional level.

From the first year and throughout the course, some of the teaching (a minimum of one class per semester) is delivered in English by teachers who are specialists in their field (geopolitics, political science, economics, etc.) and who are completely fluent in English.


The languages taught at ILERI, in addition to English, are the following:

  • European languages: German, Spanish, French as a foreign language, Italian, Portuguese
  • Oriental languages: Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian


The study of 3 foreign languages is compulsory. In addition to English (LV1), students must select one European language (LV2) and one oriental language (LV3).

This course of 3 languages forms a part of the ILERI teaching structure.