Masters 2 degree in International Strategic Intelligence | ILERI


Masters 2 degree in International Strategic Intelligence

As a key factor for businesses in a highly competitive international environment, International strategic intelligence seeks to transform information into a strategic asset.

The International Strategic intelligence option of the ILERI higher degree in International Relations is certified by the masters degree of Poitiers IAE in Economic Intelligence, a State degree (masters degree). This is intended to train students in best practice and qualifications in the fields of the gathering, processing, distribution, protection, and use of information within major international groups.


This training provides skills applicable to all types of businesses or public bodies liable to be conducting a functional economic intelligence policy in an international context, whether as an individual responsible for studies, monitoring, and analysis, as a lobbyist, or specialist in information management.


Objectives of the masters degree

  • To acquire the necessary competences for the management of strategic information
  • To acquire practices in control of information in an international context, monitoring, knowledge management, social networks.
  • To enhance the visibility of an organisation or territory, and to support its development in the long term.
  • To manage processes of information protection: sensitivity audit, vulnerability landscape, legal solutions, compliance policy, cybersecurity strategy.
  • To be able to analyse the geopolitical issues and to be capable of adjusting the activities of an organisation according to this shifting environment.
  • To master the main techniques of offensive use of information: inter-cultural intelligence, influence, lobbying, conducting negotiations.
  • Controlling the e-reputation of an organisation: mapping channels of influence, understanding power struggles, managing the media, creating and running thematic blogs.