MSc International Business and Marketing | ILERI


MSc International Business and Marketing

A Bac +5 specialist course for training in the issues of international business.

The International Business and Marketing option in the ILERI higher degree in international relations is offered in partnership with ISC (Conférence des Grandes Ecoles), leading to the award of an MSc and is reserved for students who have successfully completed the ILERI second cycle first year.

Objectives of the training


  • To explore international marketing and access a global, systematic overview of the organisation in its environment.
  • To be at the cutting edge of digital marketing and to enable a company to adapt to the perpetual changes of consumption.
  • To draw up brand strategies in major international groups for better product longevity and consumer loyalty.
  • To become an international marketing analyst and enable a company to open up new markets while controlling risks.
  • To become a product manager with a real understanding of international markets and issues.
  • To work in export in a major group in the pharmaceutical, luxury, or automotive sectors, etc.
  • To combine a high level of skills in strategic management, marketing, and business, with skills previously acquired at ILERI, to access posts of senior responsibility in the international private sector.