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ILERI Associations

Associations play an essential role in the study of students at ILERI. These are complementary to their courses and enable them to put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired during classes, while enriching their student experience, according to their individual interests.

The BDE [Student Association]

ILERI’s BDE provides for a dynamic student life, solidarity, and cohesion between students through the many events organised during the academic year.


ILERI MUN provides is members with the opportunity to take part in the United Nations simulations that take place in Europe as well as the prestigious simulation that takes place in New-York (NMUN).

ILERI Defence

The ILERI Défense [Defence] association organises lectures with military and civilian personalities on the theme of defence, and runs a web site and newsletter covering news on these issues.

ILERI Exchange

ILERI Exchange is ILERI’s humanitarian and development association. It offers students the opportunity to be involved in humanitarian initiatives throughout the academic year, through international solidarity activities, lectures delivered by humanitarian professionals, as well as with partnerships with NGOs.

ILERI Debating Society

The ILERI French Debating Association takes part every year in the debating tournament in English combining 20 prestigious French grandes écoles and universities. Two teams debate both sides of a motion, giving their speeches in turn, including wit and humour, in order to sway the jury and win the debate.

Trust Africa

The objective of this association is the promotion of the African continent, too often marginalised and reduced to clichés. Beyond the geopolitical issues, African potential opportunities need to be understood much better.


The aim of ILE’vert is to raise students’ awareness of the need to preserve the planet, and seeks to promote a lifestyle that is more respectful of the environment.


Artyleri is ILERI’s arts, culture, and creative industries association linked to ILERI international relations.


The object of ILERI TECH is to promote new start-ups, apps, and information trends throughout the world via its “ILERI TECH” blog. Its flagship project is to discover the technological ecosystem of a foreign country and its geopolitical, economic, cultural, and social context, during an annual trip.


Cyb-RI aims to promote an improved understanding of information systems (IS) and their security (SSI), through memoranda, articles, and the organisation of lectures and workshops by specialist contributors in the field.


ILERI Empower is an association for global awareness of the situation of women and LGBT individuals in the world.


ILERI Coexister is a branch of the ‘Coexister’ association at ILERI whose purpose is to create an environment for living together, drawing strength from the diversity of differences.