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ILERI’s team

ILERI’s team, which is structured on a human scale, enables students in general, and you personally, to have access to someone who is ready to deal with your questions



As director of ILERI for over 5 years, Claire Bourgeois oversees the development of the institute and its educational provision.

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The administrative department

Mali SALL, co-ordinator of the administrative department, is at your service for all administrative questions related to your studies at ILERI.

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The education department

You may have many questions related to education at ILERI. Whether it concerns timetables, submission of work, or teaching staff, students can ask Delphine Gourouvin, education manager, or Alexandra Hunt, education assistant.

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The development department

As ILERI development manager, Rachel Borkowski oversees the organisation of examinations, open evenings, as well our school’s presence at fairs and lycée forums.

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The business relations department

Maëva Zezymbrouck, as manager of business relations, deals with matters relating to placements, and student apprenticeship, and access to employment.

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The communication and international department

As communication and international manager, Sacha Madar deals with matters concerning ILERI’s visibility and partnerships with foreign universities.

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The languages bureau

Managed by Amanda Menguelti, the languages bureau plays a vital role in the co-ordination of the 11 languages taught at ILERI.

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The library

The ILERI library combines a documentary resource of over 1600 publications, and provides a workspace for students under the supervision of Sabine Coquelin, librarian.

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