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Political science at ILERI

Amongst the social sciences, political science is that which is most closely concerned with the structure and exercise of sovereignty.
Having long been contingent upon public law, from which it originates, this “new discipline” is the fruit of the conjunction of three major aspects of the contemporary world, namely:


  • The triumph of the model of positive science
  • The development of modern democracy
  • The growth of the State


This is based upon a solid empirical basis, which enables the study of political processes involving relationships of power between individuals, groups, particularly within the State.
Recent trends seek to analyse rivalries and relationships of power on a transnational basis, taking into account in particular the role of non-State protagonists such as international organisations or multinational firms.


A programme of excellence

The programme of studies at ILERI is essentially based on a theoretical approach to international phenomena.

Occupying a central place in the study of international relations, for which it is the parent discipline, political science is at the heart of the teaching of the Institute (nearly a quarter of the hours taught per class year).

From the first year and throughout the course programme (Bachelors and Masters degrees), one teaching unit, the largest in terms of hours, is devoted to political science.
The classes, a proportion of which are delivered in English, are taught by renowned academics, but also by protagonists involved in the world of politics. Classes are accessible, encouraging research work (presentations, poster papers), and individual initiatives, and are thought-provoking.

How are societies governed? What ideas and what concepts of power have led to the creation of public institutions? How do they function in reality? What are their links with social life in the widest sense, and with an increasingly complex international world?
These are some of the questions around which ILERI teaching is structured.

The programme enables students to familiarise themselves with the different theories and concepts specific to political science.
It provides the knowledge necessary for the understanding of the workings of political life at all levels of government, and for the development of critical thinking, capacity for judgement and discernment. It helps them to become engaged citizens, who are sensitive to the major issues of international politics.

This involves the training of students for public and international careers, and providing them with the tools necessary for rapid integration into working life, in particular through the many placements carried out throughout the course programme. ILERI helps them to become engaged citizens, who are sensitive to the major issues of international politics.