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ILERI campus



ILERI premises within the HEP Campus of Paris La Défense


Distributed over 4 floors, and with a surface area of 4500 m2, the HEP Campus of Paris La Défense houses the students of ILERI with a large number of tools at their disposal that are necessary for their education:  library, amphitheatre, WiFi network, catering areas, an incubator structure…

The Paris La Défense campus accommodates the students of ILERI for the bachelors and masters degrees. The summer school and evening classes are also taught there.

De paris

7-11 Avenue des chasseurs
75017 Paris

De Lyon

7 rue Jean-Marie Leclair
69009 Lyon


(National Model of United Nations)

What is the MUN ?
An incredible experience lies behind these three letters – Model United Nations. This involves simulations of the United Nations that take place in many countries all over the world and whose main objective is to help students discover the working methods of the UNO in a pleasant but serious way.

General Assembly, Security Councils, Committees…with a choice of UN establishments and a variety of subjects; each experience is unique.

The simulations train students in the framework of their studies in the international field. Researching on consensus, public speaking, defending positions, following the rules or writing out resolutions in English: such are the type of themes studied. Now theories can be put into practice while introducing personal ideas.



The ILERI Students’ Representative Council (SRC) is an association that represents students from the ILERI/OISIR (Open Institution of the Studies of International Relations). The SRC of our school is the oldest association of the ILERI and is in the heart of its rich associative existence. Its objective is to guarantee a dynamic students’ life at the school and to build close ties and links between students.



ILERI Défense

In its partnership with the SC (Students’ Council) and ILERI, the association ILERI-Defense has established an awareness program related to major questions in the field of Security and Defense.



ILERI Exchange



ILERI Debating Society


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ILERI Paris 2015

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